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Choose from Classic AR/ M4 80% Lowers as well as 1911 and 10-22 Styles:

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80% AR
                                                          Lower191180% 10/22
                                                  AR-15/ M4              1911                  10/22

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Upon Ordering, Customer/ Buyer Agrees that:

1. You  accept all policies described in these Terms of Use.
2. You are at least 18 years of age.
3. By purchasing, you are not violating any local, state, or federal laws.
4. You have not been convicted of any felony, a misdemeanor of domestic abuse, and you are not chemically dependent.
5. You have no legal restraint that would prohibit you from possessing, ordering, owning, or transferring a firearm.
6. You have never been committed to any mental institution, or been adjudicated as mentally defective.
7. You will not give the 80% Lower to any minor.
8. You do not live in a state, city, or county that prohibits you from owning, purchasing, or transferring a home made firearm. Please contact the authorities in your area for any possible restrictions. If you do live in a restricted area, your order will be canceled.

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